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    Around a month ago, we basically got the confirmation that we will eventually be getting those three "although published, not published in English" short stories in audio format (and in English!). It looks like that isn't all we will be getting, but along with some brand new stories as well! There's not much details to share, but here's what Cornelia wrote:

    P.S.: If you are the person that is part of this conversation,
    and would like to have your twitter handle, profile image, and name shown,
    let me know and I can do that as well!

    So that's it, folks!

    Although not knowing just how many stories, or the length of them, or WHEN to expect them to come out, it's still something to look forward to!! Meanwhile, 3 is THE number! Let's have three little …

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    Almost two weeks ago, I was able to luckily get the information us Inkworld fans are just weeping with joy to hear (not sure what I'm talking about? Be sure to read The 3 Inkworld short stories will be released in English soon!); earlier this morning, Cornelia once again teases about the short stories, this time confirming they are most definitely going to be published in audio format, and even treats us with an image!

    Meanwhile as we wait for finally hearing them, vote for which story you are most excited about!

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    . Cover illustration by Carol Lawson and Chris McEwan.]] Around exactly a year ago, I happened to be fortunate enough to come across the news (at that time indeed considered as "news") via the wonderful interview - "Beyond the mirror" (Be sure to read it! Really gives you some extra information), I was thrilled to learn that there's more written works about the Inkheart Trilogy, even though they are just short stories. Then days turned into weeks, and I started to think perhaps the English fan base just wasn't big enough, that those short stories wouldn't be published in English after all, and gradually forgot about the whole thing.

    And here I am, almost a year later, currently in charge of the Inkheart Wiki, I figured, why not just ask Corne…

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