Inkheart film montage

Inkheart the book and Inkheart the film are based on the same story, but still have a few differences. Spoilers are present below, proceed at your own risk

  1. Mortimer's place/home is not shown in the film.
  2. Elinor's books get burnt earlier in the film.
  3. In the book, Meggie and Elinor went to find Mo when Mo didn't return. They did it with the help of Dustfinger because Dustfinger was suppose to bring Meggie to Capricorn when Mo refuses to read Inkheart. Meggie and Elinor was betrayed by Dustfinger.
  4. In the book, Dustfinger suspects Resa she is Meggie's mom, because of a resemblance, not because he is told.
  5. In the film, the author of Inkheart did not have his grandchildren with him, as he does in the book. In addition, the movie shows him having copies of the book left, but in the book, he had no copies left.
  6. Elinor left Fenoglio's house because she doesn't wants to continue. She went back to her home and found all her books burnt! Then she called Mo to pick her up.
  7. The scene where Dustfinger puts on a fire-eating show in the backyard is not present in the movie. However, there is a flashback scene of him doing a show.
  8. The movie's plot is generally tighter than the book's plot.

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