• Asnow89

    Inkheart Dinner Menu

    June 17, 2015 by Asnow89

    HEY there Inkworld trilogy fans!

    We created a menu for you, inspired by the book series, so invite a few of your fellow Inkheart fans over and cook up these recipes! A special thanks to Xxsammmsammmxx for coming up with the recipes for the menu.


    Start your meal off with this hearty Fattoush Salad, in honor of Farid who came from Tales From the Thousand and One Nights.

    Grill up these "silver" tongues in honor of the Silvertongues, the people who are gifted with the power to read people and items in and out of books!

    You can't have an Inkheart dinner party without some ink pasta! This recipe is for the Inkheart trilogy, but also specifically for Capricorn, because according to Fenoglio, the title of the fictional Inkheart was named after Cap…

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