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I am is Mo's wife and has been separated from him for 9 years. When Mo was reading Inkheart he accidentally read Capricorn, Basta and Dustfinger out of the book and me into it. This made him never read aloud again, fearing for his daughter's safety. Resa was read back out again by Darius, Capricorn's "slave" silvertongue. Due to the bad reading of Darius, Resa left her voice in the Inkworld. She was mute when she lived as a slave to Capricorn's mother, Mortola, and was mute when she lived with Meggie and Mo, and spoke by tracing words in the air with her finger, or by writing, until she was read back into the Inkworld, where she and her voice united once again.

Meggie FolchartModify the text

Meggie Folchart is the only daughter of Mo, and inherited his love for books and the power to bring characters out of books. Meggie and Mo have the greatest bonding that a father and daughter must have, but Mo never read aloud to Meggie, as he had been afraid that Meggie would be the next who'll be in the other story. They care for each other like their life depended on it.

DustfingerModify the text

Mo is the one who read Dustfinger out of Inkheart. Dustfinger made Mo uneasy, but he felt sympathy towards him. Despite seemingly on friendly terms, Mo tried to make Meggie to stay away from Dustfinger as Mo was afraid that Meggie would know the truth about the fire-eater's origin and Mo's ability. Dustfinger betrayed Mo by leading him to Capricorn without Mo's knowledge, because Dustfinger thought that Capricorn would let Mo read him back again inside the book; it did not happen. Dustfinger initially disliked him so greatly that even though knowing Mo's wife, Resa, was Capricorn's captive maid, Dustfinger did not seek to reunite the two as an revenge on Mo. However, after the two shared an experience with Death they became extremely friendly towards each other to the point of near inseparability. After this experience Mo and Dustfinger also seem to be able to tell what the other is thinking.

Elinor LoredanModify the text

Elinor Loredan is Resa's aunt. Elinor, like Mo, is a booklover; she hired Mo to repair her old books. It was in her house where all the crazy things happened.

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Capricorn is one of the characters from Inkheart that had been read out by Mo. Capricorn, as anyone who had read out from the books, called Mo as Silvertongue because of his great power of reading. Capricorn hunts Mo to use him for reading out more treasures ad pleasures from other books. Even Capricorn is an enemy, he never wanted Mo to be harmed because he believes that it's only Mo who can perfectly cast anything out of a book.

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