Killertongue is the nickname that Capricorn's mother, Mortola, gave Mortimer. This is because Mo had read Capricorn's murderer servant, The Shadow, out of the book Inkheart. He then turned the shadow on Capricorn and his men and killed him. Mortola hated Mo very much afterwards, and forced him into the Inkworld, where Mortola discovers that her son, Capricorn, is dead. Mortola then hurls the insult at him: "Silvertongue! Killertongue suits you better!"

Other nicknames for Silvertongues Modify the text

  • Darius is known as Stumbletongue, because he reads with a stammer.
  • Orpheus is known by many names: Cheeseface (because he smells like cheese), Four Eyes (for his glasses), Calf's Head (because he looks like a calf), Milk Face (because his skin is the color of milk), and Moon Face (because he looks like the moon).
  • Meggie, Mo's daughter, is known as Silvertongue as well, because she reads well and is known as Little Witch by the Fire Raisers, because of her special ability.

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