Some of the most wonderful books ever printed were lost because some fool of a fishmonger tore out their pages to wrap his stinking fish in.
Elinor Loredan,
Inkheart, Ch. 4 - A House Full of Books

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This page documents the comings and goings of the Inkworld in chronological order.

# Reader Read in Read out
Incident description
01 Mo
Mortimer Folchart was reading Inkheart to Resa when the swap happened. None of them were intentional, but all done by him as he was unaware of being capable of reading in and out living being.[1]
02 Mo
  • A mailman
Desperate to read his wife back, Mo continued to read Inkheart, and took extra care to not read it near his daughter, Meggie Folchart, for fear of reading her into the book as well. He finally stopped when the mailman disappeared, while a glass man took his place.[1]
03 Darius
  • Unspecified
Capricorn found another Silvertongue, Darius, and forced the reader to read out whoever he wanted. Darius wasn't exactly willing, and with all the pressure put on him, a lot of the people/objects came out imperfect. Resa, being read out as one of the maids, was read back out to the real world five years later after being first read in by her husband.[citation needed]
04 Meggie and Mo
[citation needed]
05 Orpheus
  • A jungle cat
Dustfinger and Farid tracked down another Silvertongue, Orpheus, and requested him to somehow bring the fire-eater back home by reading out alterations of words from Inkheart.[2] The original plan was to include Farid, but Orpheus cleverly unfulfilled his part of the bargain.[3] Dustfinger was then read back in eleven years later after being first read out by Mo.[4]
06 Meggie
Farid narrowly escaped and found out Orpheus was working with Basta. Feeling Dustfinger's life could be in danger, he pleaded to Meggie Folchart and described to her how Orpheus managed to read his mentor back to Inkworld.[5] Meggie mimicked Orpheus' process, unbeknownst to Farid, she intended to include herself and succeeded,[6][7] though she also unintentionally read Gwin back in eleven years later after the horned marten was first read out by Mo.
07 Orpheus
  • Unspecified
Mortola refused to believe her son, Capricorn, was dead, and coaxed Orpheus into helping her getting back to Inkworld to verify.[8] She insisted to bring along Mo, who was the culprit of all this in her eyes. Mortola was read back in years later after being first read out by Darius, Resa was read back in six years later after being read out, and Basta was read back in eleven years later after being first read out by Mo.[9]
08 Meggie
  • Unspecified
After the death of Dustfinger, Farid demanded Fenoglio to write him back to life, so that Meggie could read out the wordings and make it happen, however, Fenoglio claimed that he was no longer able to write. In despair, Farid asked them to at least bring in the possible last hope, therefore, complying, Fenoglio wrote a passage and Meggie read and brought Orpheus into the Inkworld. Ironically, during the time, Orpheus himself had been trying really hard to "read himself in", thus, he believed he was in the Inkworld due to his own powers.[10]

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